Children whose fifth birthday falls within the autumn term will begin full-time in September. Children whose birthdays fall in the spring or summer terms will attend part-time until the autumn half-term with the offer of a full-time place thereafter depending on the child’s readiness. Children will be admitted in the following order of priority:
1. Children with an EHCP or statement of Special Education Needs
2. Children who are looked after
3. Children within the school catchment area
4. Children whose siblings are on roll at the time of admission to school
5. Children whose parents wish for a Church of England education where none is available in their catchment. Applicants will require a letter from their minister confirming that either one or both parents attend church with their child(ren) at least monthly.
If all children living within any of the above rules cannot be offered a place, the highest priority will be given to children living nearest to the school within that rule. To determine who lives nearest, distance will be measured on a straight line crow fly basis, using Ordnance Survey data.