School Improvement

School Improvement & Development Priorities for 2018-19


  • To build, shape and grow our new formal school partnership (begun in September 2018), with Carleton Rode CEVA Primary School.
  • To create and develop a new SLT (senior leadership team) at Forncett.
  • To explore federation and engage in the process, if deemed appropriate.

SIAMS & R.E (Statutory Inspection of Anglican & Methodist Schools & Religious Education)

  • To familiarise staff and governors with the new SIAMS inspection schedule
  • Ensure the school’s curriculum is fit for purpose in terms of the new schedule’s expectations to be sure we continue to provide a high quality education for all children
  • To improve the quality of writing in R.E. further to ensure more children achieve a high standard
  • To familiarise staff with the new R.E. assessment framework and implement its use across the school


  • To build the numbers of children attaining writing at greater depth at the end of KS2, by developing ‘pupil voice’ within narrative writing.
  • Improve writing progress rates across KS2
  • Improve knowledge, understanding and use of vocabulary and idioms

GPS (grammar, punctuation & spelling)

  • To improve the % of GPS expected attainment by the end of KS2 in 2019, so that it at least matches the NA % and maintain and strengthen levels at greater depth


  • To encourage all children to choose to engage in a variety of reading and writing activities during their independent learning time, by further developing the continuous provision offered within the EYFS setting.