School Improvement

School Improvement 2021/2022

Developing the Curriculum

Subject Leadership across the Federation

Some staff changes have meant subject changes for a few teachers which means they need to be upskilled in their new subject.  Others were not able to get as far in their plans as they wanted due to the Covid-19 and its impact on the schools. Subject leaders to go on subject courses and ensure that Yr 2/ Yr 6 teachers attend assessment training to ensure they are versed in the latest requirements.

Knowledge Organisers

The federation is aware through its VNET improvement partner that knowledge organisers can be useful as can flag up learning content explicitly, involve families more and enhance the longer-term retention of learning.


The federation have two separate curriculums, but both have identified communication as an issue following the pandemic and want to link the environment /global issues as they believe this is important for the children as future citizens.

Covid-19 Recovery

Introduce RWInc. phonics to KS2 staff to support ongoing use/transition into Y3/SEN.

Continue to develop Power of Reading and use from in Y2 once RWInc. is completed.

Raise standards in writing including writing stamina, grammar, spelling and punctuation (the most obvious identified causalities of Covid-19 closure) and ensure writing parity over all subjects.

Improve children’s communication skills across the school

Revisit key features of quality-first teaching through assessment for learning (responsive teaching) strategies to ensure best practice.

Decide on best use of the further use of the Catch-up Premium and NTP Eastern Teaching School.

Continue to promote a strong reading for pleasure culture in school and at home.


Monitoring of R.E. writing as part of subject leader’s role

Continue to embed the use of the ‘Age Related Expectations’ (ARE) in R.E. lessons by introducing to new teaching staff in federation and recapping for those existing staff

Attain the bronze Global Neighbours Award in both schools