Forncett St Peter Church of England VA Primary School

'Love your neighbour as you love yourself' Matthew 22:39'

Our School Council is really committed.  We win our positions through fair, democratic elections.  Only the children vote – not the staff, so the School Council representatives are our own choice.  Every class has class reps but only the Y6 children hold the officer positions of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.

We meet every week with Mrs Belemore-Smith helping us to run our meetings.  We hear from all the class representatives who tell us how things are going in their classes and if there is anything to report that is an idea, worry, suggestion or something which needs a plan of action.  We decide what we will do and how it can be done, for example: we have raised money in response to a disaster, taken action to support good causes and we have arranged and held a talent show, as children wanted a way to show off their skills and hobbies like doing magic tricks, dancing and playing the guitar.