Our Governors

We have a committed and enthusiastic governing board.
The Governors are representatives of the school and local community who support the school as volunteers, working alongside the headteacher and staff in strategic planning, budgeting, curriculum provision and monitoring and staff appointments.
   Term StartTerm End 
 Foundation Governors   
 Mr Michael Bolger12-Sep-1911-Sep-23 
 Dr Kirsty Byrne12-Sep-19     11 Sep 2023 
 Ms Helen Carlile12-Sep-19     11 Sep 2023 
 Revd John Madinda12-Sep-19     11 Sep 2023 
 Mr Neil Parsons12-Sep-19     11 Sep 2023 
 Mrs Liz Service12-Sep-19     11 Sep 2023 
 Dr Steve Trickey12-Sep-19     11 Sep 2023 
 Staff Governor   
 Mr Jonathan Wheater12-Sep-1911-Sep-23 
 Executive Headteacher   
 Mrs Judith Jones   
 Parent Governors   
 Mrs Louise Chandler12-Sep-1911-Sep-23 
 Dr Lorna Christoforou-Hazelwood12-Sep-1911-Sep-23 
 Local Authority Governors    Mrs Sally Richards12-Sep-1911-Sep-23   
 Foundation Bishop Appointed    Revd Lydia Avery12-Sep-1911-Sep-23   

                                                                                 Governors who have stepped down in the last 12 months

Mr. Roger Sparrow