Diamond Class

We are a Year 2 class situated in a sunny classroom in the Victorian part of the school building.  We think our classroom looks very bright and welcoming with colourful displays of the children’s lovely work.  In the mornings we keep fit with our Daily Mile and then we work hard at our reading and writing skills and take part in lots of exciting investigations to help us learn more about maths.  We love stories and often explore them through drama which helps us to become more confident and expressive.   In the afternoons we learn more about the world through our topics and enquiries such as ‘Why does Henry Blogg have a museum named after him?’ or ‘What happened to the Titanic?’  We also like to keep really fit so do the Daily Mile, and enjoy dance, games and gymnastics during our P.E. lessons.  We love learning to play our ukuleles. Whenever we can, we invite parents and carers into our class to share our work with them.  Many of them also like to come and help us with our reading or other special activities such as sewing, weaving or woodwork.